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Interview: Linda Ludbarza's Fluid Intuition

Interview: Linda Ludbarza's Fluid Intuition

Lives and works in Eindhove, Netherlands 

Tell us about yourself, how did you become an artist?

I consider my self a designer, and occasionally the bi-product of my work can be considered artistic. I have often used photography as a means to collect inspirations and only lately have I discovered that artistic value in the images I make. Because the governing principles of art and design often overlap, I find that crossing from one to another becomes easier, more fluid.

What is your background? and how did it inform the focus of your creative exploration or the medium you're currently working with?

I am from Riga, Latvia and the complex social- economical- stylistic phenomena have strongly influences my focus and preferences. I relish finding and photographing the accidentally fashionable, or the unknowingly bold. The social and historical differences between Latvia and The Netherlands, where I am based, are staggering. It gives me the opportunity to observe and an arms length and capture all that makes me curious.

What ideas interested you in the beginning of your practice, which ideas have you continued to explore, and where have they led you?

Lately, I have been transitioning from a long bout of focusing on making and producing with my hands, using materials and creating physical things. I am much more focused on discovering the human driven aspect of fashion, apparel and living rather than creating any my self. While the fascinations have remained, the medium have shifted.

Who were and are the biggest sources of your inspiration?

One of the main sources of inspiration is to travel between the Eastern and the Western Europes and observe the people, their dressing, driving, city planning and general habits and styles of their lives. Personally, this gives me great drive to capture on imagine all that is curious. I greatly enjoy making images of accidental design where the aesthetics are governed by the necessity of utility.

Where do you find inspiration?

Roaming the streets, markets, bus stations. Anywhere and everywhere.

Is there are a single work, project, or series that is pivotal in your current trajectory?

The series of car headlights have been quite an important collection. The warm reception of these photos has reaffirmed to me that the things I find curious and collect through images have artistic value. It has encouraged me to place a further focus on photography.

How did it begin? and how did it evolve?

It began with me taking a picture here and there to seeing the potential for a collection and really focusing on sharpening my eye. That is a wonderful point, to follow your intuition when exploring projects unknown. Something that was always encouraged during my education at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

What were important lessons in the process that you’ve carried forward with you?

Keep an eye out for anything that triggers you creatively and learn to follow your intuition.

About the Artist

Based in Eindhove, Netherlands 

Linda is a Latvian born designer educated and currently based in the Netherlands. Many of her design projects centre around the governing themes of her native country- the pagan traditions, close bond to nature and the impact of the Soviet rule. She is a multi disciplinary designer and uses an array of media.

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